Peace be with you! (Acts 2:14a,22-32,John 20:19-31)

Peace be with you! (Acts 2:14a,22-32,John 20:19-31)

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The service was broadcast live on Facebook at 11am on Sunday 19th April.

While waiting for this week’s service to be processed and uploaded, you might want to listen to Ben’s Good Friday service or Malcolm’s Easter Day service, if you missed it.
Also available on your smartphone  or  by calling the free
Church-By-Phone line: 0114 303 1731.

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  1. Andy Milner

    And talking of smartphones, I have actually found that the video plays better on my phone than on my computer! How about you? √ :–)

    By the way, don’t miss the notices about Alpha and about contributing your own lockdown experiences/testimony towards the end of the video and around the 26 minute mark in the audio edit.

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