Weddings & Marriage Blessings

Weddings & Marriage Blessings

We welcome enquiries about weddings or marriage blessings at St Tim’s.

Many people find the solemnity and beauty of a church a fitting place to begin their married life together.

A marriage service lasts for about 45 minutes and helps to place the great step of marriage in the comfort and strength of God’s love for us. Often there is a great sense of peace and joy – what better start to married life!

Our vicar can marry you if either of you has the following “qualifying connections” with St Tim’s:

  1. One of you was baptised at St Tim’s (unless the baptism took place in a combined rite which included baptism and confirmation), or is a person whose confirmation has been entered in the register book of confirmation for St Tim’s.
  2. one of you has at any time had his or her usual place of residence in our “parish” for a period of not less than six months; (You can check the parish boundary to see where our Parish covers)
  3. one of you has at any time habitually attended public worship at St Tim’s for a period of not less than six months;
  4. one of your parents has, during your lifetime, had his or her usual place of residence in our “parish” for a period of not less than six months, or habitually attended public worship at St Tim’s for that period;
  5. or a parent or grandparent of either of you has been married at St Tim’s.

For the purposes here, a “parent” includes an adoptive parent, and any other person who has undertaken the care and upbringing of the person seeking to establish a qualifying connection and “grandparent” shall be construed accordingly.

If for any reason you are not legally allowed to be married at St Tim’s, we would happily consider a Service of Blessing for a marriage that has been conducted elsewhere.

If you are interested in a wedding or service of blessing please fill in the enquiry form below