Prayer and worship resources

Prayer and worship resources

Below are readings and resources which you can use to join us live on Facebook.

Sunday worship

Collect for Sunday

Holy God, faithful and unchanging:

enlarge our minds with the knowledge of your truth,

and draw us more deeply into the mystery of your love,

that we may truly worship you, Father, Son and Holy Spirit,  

11am Sunday worship service sheet

6.30pm Sunday worship song words

Daily Prayer, 9am and 6pm, Mondays to Fridays

Morning Prayer service sheet

Evening Prayer service sheet


God our saviour, look on this wounded world in pity and in power; hold us fast to your promises of peace won for us by your Son, our Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen

Monday June 29 St Peter and St Paul

Morning Prayer Psalm 125 Acts 12.1-11 Matthew 16.13-19

Evening Prayer Psalms   124, 138 Ezekiel 34.11-16 John 21.15-22

Tuesday, 30 June

Morning Prayer Psalm 73 Judges 9.1-21 Luke 15.11-end
Evening Prayer Psalm 74 Job 28 Romans 12.1-8

Wednesday, 1 July  Henry Venn 1797, John Venn 1813, and Henry Venn the younger 1873

Morning Prayer Psalm 77 Judges 9.22-end Luke 16.1-18
Evening Prayer Psalm 119.81-104 Job 29 Romans 12.9-end

Thursday, 2 July

Morning Prayer  Psalm 78.1-39 Judges 11.1-11 Luke 16.19-end
Evening Prayer Psalm 78.40-end Job 30 Romans 13.1-7

Friday, 3 July Thomas

Morning Prayer Psalms 92, 146 2 Samuel 15.17-21   John 11.1-16
Evening Prayer Psalm 139 Job 42.1-6 1 Peter 1.3-12

Holy Communion at 12pm Wednesdays