Home Group: Community Life

What is Community Life? The name of our group pretty well tells you what we are about! We are gathered around the desire to encourage and deepen community life in our area of Sheffield. We live in an increasingly fragmented society, where people live increasingly isolated lives. SO… Our VISION is: To work collaboratively with those of good will out there…

Music & Worship Team

Here at St Tim’s we have a thriving musical ministry, using varied styles and instruments. But there’s always room for more people to become involved, so if you’d like to offer to play the tuba or the flute, or you’d like to sing in the choir, either regularly or for special occasions, have a word with our Worship Leaders Ellen and Martin.…

Holy Communion (Traditional)

This is a one-hour service aiming to be peaceful and reverent whilst taking the Eucharist.

Family Service

Our children and youth leave the congregation to focus on age-specific worship in either Junior Church or Pathfinders.   There is no communion in this service.

The Harbour

Whilst all are welcome at this service, we hope particularly for it to be attractive to young adults. There is no set style for this service, giving us the freedom to explore God in a virtually unlimited number of ways! Most often the service is very informal in nature and incorporates extended periods of worship, along with relevant teaching on what it means to be a…

St Tims Stage Hands

Our monthly All-Age Worship services often feature performances by our puppets, helped by our team of puppeteers (otherwise they tend to freeze when they go on stage). The brilliant team behind this spectacle meet regularly on Mondays. Please see Roger Makin for more information. Puppeteers of all ages are welcome.

Tuesday Social Club

  The Weekly Buzz Happy Birthday Pete and belated Happy Birthdays to John and Malcolm This Tuesday ‘Killer pool’ after lunch. Baking too. Lemon drizzle cake for pudding! The Tuesday Social Club

Men’s Breakfast

We meet the first Saturday of the month for men, and boys, to share a good home cooked breakfast and great company.  9:00 am for tea and coffee, food is served at 9:30 am. We ask for a small donation towards the cost and any additional proceeds get fed back into the church.

Family Communion

During these services, the children and youth leave the main congregation to participate in our more focused worship groups, Pathfinders and Impact.  They rejoin after the sermon so that we can all take the Eucharist together.
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