The church and church hall are located at 138 Slinn Street, Sheffield, S10 1NZ.

Or see below for a map of our location and our parish boundary (a list of the covered streets is included at the bottom of the page for further reference).

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The St. Timothy’s parish covers these streets (shown in alphabetical order):

Aldred Road

Bates Street

Bentley Road

Bole Hill Lane (Nos 5-101 &10-118)

Bradley Street

Brighton Terrace Road

Cobden View Road (and Mews) (Nos 145-189 & 172-232)

Crookes (Nos 235-249 & 238-240)

Heavygate Avenue

Heavygate Road (odd numbers)

Longfield Road

Loxley View Road

Melborne Road

Mona Road (Nos 21-99 & 40-110)

Moorsyde Avenue

Moorsyde Cresent

Netherfield Road

Northfield Avenue

Northfield Close

Northfield Road

Slinn Street

Springvale Road (Even Nos 240-432)

St Anthony Road (Nos 1-33 & 2-48)

Stothard Road

Tinker Lane

Toftwood Avenue

Toftwood Road (even numbers only)

Townend Street (Nos 51-107 & 48-106)

Western Road (Nos 207-end & 168-end)