Why ReActs2?

Re:Acts2 has the purpose of prayerfully investigating how the Church community can “Live more simply, that others might simply live.” In a consumer-led society, how can we live a lifestyle focused on Christian, Biblical values and principles? Together we are seeking a lifestyle that is very different from that of the ‘Western’ World. It is the way of life of God’s Kingdom, where love, generosity and trust rule supreme.

It is a way of life very different not just from the Western World but also the Western Church itself. We believe that the Western Church of the 20th Century strayed very far from the teaching of Jesus regarding the way of life that he expected his disciples to follow. The Western Church has become little different from the society around us – trusting in money and material resources rather than our Father in Heaven. No wonder the church today is seen to be irrelevant. We have a lot of catching up to do. Our Mission Action Plan at St Tim’s is closely related to this task.

In seeking to convert our lifestyle, we organise a Resource Sharing Database, encouraging members of our church and community to share rather than to buy, raising money instead for ASHA, a slum community in Delhi, and encouraging an alternative to a consumer lifestyle.  The most visible part of this is our DVD film library, available in the church centre, for anyone to borrow from a wide selection of films loaned by church members.

fair trade logoReActs2 has successfully run a campaign to convert the church to become a Fairtrade Church – products we supply are now fair trade where possible, and ethically thought out cleaning products are also used where possible too.

ReActs2 also organises and promotes fundraising and informative events, and we seek to educate ourselves through Reading Groups.

We are also hoping to become more environmentally aware through education about recycling, renewable energy sources etc. In the meantime, you could begin thinking about the impact your lifestyle has on the planet by calculating I wonder what St Timothy’s ‘footprint’ is? To help us do something about all this, find out about our Blast lifestyle initiative.

The Micah Challenge

St Tim’s church is affiliated to the Micah Challenge network. This group campaigns for the realisation of the Millenium Development Goals.