Home Group: Community Life

Home Group: Community Life

What is Community Life? The name of our group pretty well tells you what we are about!

We are gathered around the desire to encourage and deepen community life in our area of Sheffield.

We live in an increasingly fragmented society, where people live increasingly isolated lives. SO…

Our VISION is:

To work collaboratively with those of good will out there who desire to rebuild community in our fragmenting and divided world.
In the process seeking to be a sign of the Community of God’s Kingdom, drawing any who are open and interested to Jesus Christ.


Welcoming, inclusive, accepting, generous. Celebrating diversity – rainbow culture! Breaking down barriers etc. Having fun together! Strong relationships, mutual support, honesty, being real. Sharing homes, lives, things. Interdependence.


How we might relate to folk and invite them to join us:

Activities such as…

Invite friends to a “party” / gathering, whose main idea is to discuss and promote community life – from getting involved in Crookes Forum to having a street party or just having a house party and inviting neighbours along.

  • Hold Coffee mornings – Fairtrade consumables
  • Recycling unwanted stuff – teaching mending / sewing skills / DIY skills
  • Hold social events to raise money for charity – eg BBQ for ASHA / local cause
  • Maybe doing an act of community service, and encouraging others to join in.
  • Maybe get some people in to do DIY for someone in need / garden makeover?
  • Organising occasional community events- e.g. tea and film for older people,
  • Event for inviting international folk – promote hospitality, welcome.
  • Meeting in a local pub – with anyone who shares our vision and wants to rebuild community

If you are someone interested in working with others to regenerate community – please come and join us!

For further information please see Alex Shilkoff.