Electoral roll changes

Electoral roll changes

We are revising the Church Electoral Roll, ahead of the Annual Meeting on Sunday 27th September.

You need to be on the Electoral Roll in order to stand as a member of the PCC (Church Council) and Deanery Synod, and to vote when we elect new PCC and Deanery Synod members at the Annual Meeting

If you are not already on the Electoral Roll you will need to fill out an application form. Please return completed forms to Jack or Malcolm by the closing date, Saturday 5th September 2020

If you are on the roll already you do not need to do anything.

It is important that as many church members as possible are included on the Roll  

You can be on the roll if you are
(a) baptised,
(b) aged 16 or over
(c) and also meet ONE of the following criteria.
 – Declare that you are a member of the Church of England and live in the parish.
–  Declare that you are a member of the Church of England and that you have regularly joined in worship  at St Timothy’s  (in person or online) for the last six months.

Alternatively forms are available from Jack Hiscock,  Churchwarden
Email jack_hiscock@hotmail.com  Tel 07729 354023 

Please also tell Jack or Malcolm if  you have changed address, email or phone number.