At St Tim’s we believe that God loves us and wants to set us free.

God works through prayer. Jesus tells us to come to him confidently with our prayers – and never give up, even if nothing seems to happen at first!

If there is someone or something you would like people in church to pray for, please let us know.

We can offer prayer support in the following ways:

In an Emergency: phone 0114 266 1745 and you can activate our “prayer ring”: within hours a small group of Christians, committed to prayer ministry, will get to hear about your urgent prayer need and begin earnest prayer on your behalf. Please do keep us informed of any developments. This prayer ring is for short term prayer requests only.

In Confidence: members of our pastoral team will pray for any issue you tell us about via Please tell us as much – or little – detail as you like. All requests will be treated with complete confidence.

In Person: If you would like someone to pray with you about any issue, then please contact the vicar, Phil , (via email or 0114 266 1745) or one of the pastoral team, or simply fill in a prayer slip in the Church Centre. We will be happy to make an appointment to pray with you. Alternatively you can ask for prayer ministry after any church service on Sunday. Please see Philip. Contact details are displayed on the board.

In Church: If you would like someone or something prayed for during the Sunday Services, please put your request on a post it note and attach it to the Sunday prayer clip-board. The person who leads prayer will mention your prayer request this coming Sunday. Your request will then be added to the list for the next few weeks.

In the Longer Term: If you ask for prayer for someone which will require a long term prayer commitment (for instance someone who is physically disabled or someone who has been bereaved) then we will ask one of our “prayer companions” to take on a long term prayer commitment for the person you are concerned about. They will pray for this person at least once per week for up to a year. They may want to contact you to find out more information to help them in praying for you. Again, please fill in a slip with as much  – or as little – detail as you like, and post it in the box.

In the Week: The Church is open for quiet personal prayer most mornings as well as on Sundays. You can come and go as you like. If you do want to speak to someone about anything or ask for prayer, please feel free.