Why pray?

Prayer is the most wonderful gift whereby we can enter into relationship with God.

Through prayer we can discover the inexpressible joy of knowing God personally; and through prayer we can learn how to access his immense power and work with him to change the world.

Through prayer we can have access to God 24/7 – Anytime, anyplace, anywhere. He is never out of range. Prayer is some gift!

But prayer is also incredibly hard work at times: in prayer we step into the unknown and have to face some uncomfortable truthes about ourselves and what truly motivates us.

Prayer is not like Aladdin’s lamp – where the genie is there to grant your wishes! Through prayer God begins to change us so that we learn to love like him, be like him; learn to want what he wants. Learn to pray according to his will – so that we become channels through which his power flows – to heal, renew, restore, rebuild, transform, set free.

At St Tims we are just beginning to discover about this wonderful gift of prayer. This section (menu to the left) is part of our Journey.