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Date 9.30 11.00 6.30   Date Theme Reading
Apr 23rd     MP     FS HC   Apr 23rd A calling to Witness Acts 22:1-21 Intro


HC MW EW   Apr


Resurrection – The basis of our witness 1 Cor 15:12-28 What
May 7th HC FC EW   May 7th Witnesses to Salvation Luke 24:36-49 What
May 14th 11am AAW       EW   May 14th Witness brings encouragement Heb 12:1-13 Why
May 21st 11am AAW EW   May 21st Phil’s last service tbc
May 28th     MP     FS       HC   May 28th Witness grows the church Acts 2:22-41 Why
June 4th HC FC       EW   June 4th Witness is the key to mission Acts 3:11-26 Why
June 11th 11am AAW EW   June 11th Witnesses to the whole world Acts 1:1-10 Who to
June 18th    HC FC EW   June 18th Witness to the Jews of the fulfilment of God’s plan Acts 13:13-43 Who to


MP FS HC   June


Witness to the Gentiles Acts 10:23-48 Who to
July 2nd     HC FC EW   July 2nd Witness by the Spirit Mt 10:1-20 How
July 9th 11am AAW EW   July 9th Witness in Obedience Acts 5:25-42 How
July 16th HC FC EW   July 16th Witness in all Circumstances Acts 28:16-31 How
Summer Series begins – 10.30am   Summer Series begins – 10.30am
Missional Communities

Meet for fellowship & outreach, seeking to draw people into the Community of God’s love.


To find out more or to join one see our Website or Alex Shilkoff


Small Groups meet weekly for encouragement, prayer and Bible-based discussion – often relating to the sermon.


The Alpha Course aims to help people find faith in Jesus. See John or Roger for details of the next one.



MP:    Morning Prayer

HC:    Holy Communion

FC:    Family Communion (with Jnr Church, etc)

FS:    Family Service (with Junior Church, etc)

EW:   Evening Worship

AAW: 60mins of lively, interactive All Age Worship


“We are Witnesses to these things”


How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? Rom 10:14


Someone told you about Jesus. They told you what they knew and what they experienced. That’s why you are here!


As St Tim’s we are committed to our 2020 vision of doubling people and passion. How will we grow if we don’t tell?


To be a witness is not a professional calling. In a court of law a witnesses only tells what they know firsthand. In fact they swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.



The Sermon Series this Summer will look at the witnesses in the Bible.

We will look at What the church witnessed to, Why it witnessed, Who it witnessed to and How it witnessed.


As we hear the sermons or catch up on download and as we process in our home groups, we will encourage each other to be ‘Witnesses to these things’ so that God gets the glory and we get closer to our 2020 vision.