UNiverse 2 webIn all the uncertainty of life today, it would be nice to think that there is a God out there looking after us. That there is a plan and a purpose behind all the chaos of life. To know someone cares. Wishful thinking?

The central message of the most famous Christian festival – Christmas – is that we are not alone. That there is a God who cares for us.

Christians believe that God has actually showed us himself and what he is like – by coming to earth as a baby. That he loves us and is on our side. One of the names given to Jesus is “Immanuel”, which literally means “God with us”. That is why Christmas is so important.

Jesus was born not in a palace but in an animal shelter. He showed us that we do not need money, power or good looks to find the key to life: these things do not bring lasting happiness. To love and be loved – that is the key to life, to true happiness.

How do we find love in the world today? Not easy. We are always under pressure to look good, make an impression, get noticed. Hard to keep it up. Would they love me if they could see what I’m really like?

God does. Jesus proves it. If we do believe that God is with us, on our side, it sets us free from fear: free to be me. Not a bad Christmas present.

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