Our next EVENING Alpha course starts on Wednesday March 20th 2016 at 7.30pm – Venue to be comfirmed.

For more information or to book your free place contact Phil on 0114 266 1745 or phil@sttims.org.uk

Who is Alpha for?

People interested in investigating the Christian faith. Those who want to brush-up on the foundations of their faith. Newcomers to the Church. New Christians, baptism parents and godparents. See below to see what previous Alpha course members have written about their impressions of Alpha

An Alpha meeting…

The Alpha Supper is relaxed and informal. After meal together we will listen to stories of some people who’ve attended Alpha in the past. For the rest of the course, the evening also begins with an evening meal and is followed by a talk which can include videos. This is followed by coffee and a chance to discuss the talk, or any other matter about faith and life, with the rest of the group. This becomes a lot easier as we share meals together and get to know and trust each other more.

No one has to join in the discussion, by the way! It can be good just to listen to other people’s ideas and opinions.

The Alpha topics

The series of talks look at such topics as:

Who is Jesus? What’s wrong with the world? Why did Jesus die? How can I be sure? Why bother with the Bible? Why and how do I pray? What about the Holy Spirit? How does God guide us? Does God heal today? What about the Church?

Do you have questions about life? Then maybe Alpha could help you find the answer.

What people have said about St Tim’s Alpha course

“I started coming to St Timothy’s because my partner wanted to get our son Christened. I didn’t really have any belief in God, so when Philip asked us to go on the Alpha Course I was a bit nervous. On the Alpha Course I learned about how God works in our lives and started to notice him in mine. Since then my faith has grown and filled my life.”

“I have always had a belief in God but have never truly had faith. Going to the Alpha Course has helped need to build a relationship with God. I now feel God’s presence in my life. He is my friend and he will never leave me. He has changed my life.”

“I used to go to church as a child and have always believed in some kind of God. However it was not until the teaching about the Holy Spirit on the Alpha Course that I properly felt God in my life. Now God has become so important to me. I love him.”

“After going to church for years it’s good to go over the basics.”

“The meal, the talk, the discussion; the whole format was relaxing and helped me to express my thoughts out loud in the group.”

“Being new to St Timothy’s, it has helped us to become part of the church”

“I joined the Alpha course because I thought that I had become rather ‘blase’ about my religion. After starting Alpha, I soon realised that a whole new way of life and living was opening up. And the love, thoughtfulness and kindness that has been shown throughout, by all of the people concerned, has been really wonderful.”

“I have always been a Christian and had a faith but a few years ago I went through a period when my faith took a back-seat. God seemed so far away and my faith did not seem personal or real to me anymore. Then I went through a particularly difficult time in my life and really felt a sense of God being there for me and calling me back. I was encouraged to attend the Alpha course, which was brilliant and helped me reaffirm my faith. I realised then that it was not God that had left me but myself that had turned away. I decided soon after to write down some of my thoughts so that I would never forget how I felt, as this was such an exciting time for me. Here is an extract:

“I wanted to say how excited I am to know You and how much I love You. I commit my life and soul to You. You are my Creator and I know You love me. I want to talk and know you better everyday. I want You to change and mould me to be pleasing to You. I am so excited and hungry for your Word. Thank You for speaking to me so clearly and giving me guidance. I know the road of life will be rocky but I know You will never ever leave me because of Your Promises. My heart overflows with Your Joy.”

For more information or to book your place contact Phil on 0114 266 1745 or phil@sttims.org.uk