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Sheffield twoAs young adults at St Tim’s, we are aiming to be very much ‘stuck in’ with all the opportunities that this stage of our lives has to offer. As well as being fun and exhilarating, this period of our lives can also present us with immense challenges. Whether we are starting out at college or uni, trying to build a career, or setting out on an adventure into family life, we are often presented with situations that can overwhelm and even frighten us.

So, here at St Tim’s, we are cPDommitted to not getting ‘stuck in’ to life alone, but to allowing Jesus to come alongside us and be our support and friend as we jump in. Naturally, he has his own plans for our lives and knows what is best for us, so our passion for Student and Young Adults’ Ministry here at St. Tim’s is that we would spend quality time with him, allowing him to teach and direct us. We can engage with the world and all it has to offer us much more fruitfully and meaningfully if we let Jesus do the leading in our lives.

Practically speaking, our prayer is for Students at St Tim’s to experience

  • Deep worship – encountering God and offering him our devotion through periods of deep and meaningful worship.
  • Deep teaching – exploring the issues of life, faith and theology openly and deeply, using the Bible as our foundation in this.
  • Close community – St. Tim’s is known as being a close-knit family and we want our young adults to feel very much at home here. There are many regular and ad hoc social events that we enjoy as a church. Additionally, we have a programme of monthly socials specifically for the young adults.
  • Outreach – evangelistic and social events for students and young adults of our area. These will sometimes include a social action focus, e.g. charity fundraiser.

We are beginning a new missonal community, welcoming students into the family life of our church – we hope you might join us! Home From Home