What is a “Missional Community”?  MC image

It’s a Community…

A group of people who share a common interest, and who enjoy exploring different ways of being a real community of God’s people.

It’s Missional…

God is sending his people out to bless others.
So each Missional Community seeks to do just that:
We seek to meet up with people who may share our particular interest and to build friendships with them, and sometimes partner with them.
If anyone’s interested we will invite them to community events and activities we organise, where we hope the love of God can be seen in practical ways, and that some people may be drawn to Jesus.

Each Community will be quite different, but the usual pattern is that most months they meet in small groups a couple of times for mutual support, teaching and fellowship, and as a community a couple of times, inviting others in whenever possible.

This is a new way of being church that we have recently begun at St Tim’s, so in the coming months things will no doubt change!


Below are links to the Missional Communities which we currently have.

Home From Home
– welcoming students into the family life of our church

Community Life
– in a fragmented world, seeking to reconnect neighbours and friends

Young Families


Men at Work