St tims logo 2009Our Mission Statement is:


We Aim To Be…     

The BODY of Christ:

Rejoicing In The Love Of God,
United In His Spirit,
Sharing The Gospel Of Christ…
                         In WORD…  and ACTION

Where this comes from:

Clearly we are in a fast changing world. We have to discover what it means to be church for our generation, for the 21st Century.

We understand the church not to be a building but the people. St Paul describes the people of God as the Body of Christ – signifying a close knit community inspired, united and gifted by the Spirit of Christ to continue his mission on earth.

Various parts of the Bible influence other sections of our Mission Statement:

  • The Joy of the Lord is to our strength (Nehemiah 8.10)
  • Our unity and love for each other is the sign that we are disciples of Jesus – and is the only commandment he gave (John 13.34,35)

And we see ourselves as a work in progress – far from perfect – learning as we go along. ‘Disciple’ comes from Latin, meaning ‘Learner’.

The importance of sharing the Gospel by acts of compassion as well as courageous words is stressed by Jesus in that he identifies himself personally with both these activities:

  • “Whatsoever you do unto the least of these brethren of mine you do unto me” (Matthew 25.31ff)
  • “For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me and for the gospel will save it.” (Mark 8.35)

Where this is expressed in our Church life:

 In the main headings of this website the sections are:

Worship life expressing the priority of a joyful relationship with God as the foundation of all we seek to do at St Tim’s

Church Community expressing the priority of seeking to build a united and close-knit caring community – the body of Chist

Wider Community expressing our desire to reach out with acts of mercy, both locally and globally, mourning the state of our world and hungering and thirsting for righteousness

Finding God expressing our concern to help people to hear the Gospel of Christ, find forgiveness through his death, and receive the free gift of friendship with God in Eternity.