Who we are and what we are like

St Timothy’s is a church family of approximately 240 people (around 185 over 18s and 55 under 18s) with an average Sunday worship attendance in 2018 of 143. There are 135 people on the Electoral Roll. St Tim’s is one of the larger churches in the diocese and one that has seen some of the most significant growth in recent years. Our patrons are the Sheffield Church Burgesses.

The church family is diverse in terms of social background, life circumstances and church traditions, but whilst we celebrate our lack of uniformity, we rejoice in our unity! People with all needs and abilities are valued and included within the church family and church activities.

Our logo is a harbour lighthouse: 

God has helped us to find a safe harbour which is welcoming, renewing and equipping. We hope that we can be that harbour for others. From one of our Mission Action Planning Conferences our ‘2020 Vision’ for St Timothy’s emerged. This is summarised in the words: “Burning Brighter & Deeper. Doubling People & Passion.” Everything we now do is informed by this Vision.